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Applying for Jobs

How to Apply

Unless otherwise requested, send:

  1. Your ESL job targeted resume, and
  2. A professional photo of yourself from the shoulders up

to the email provided in the job posting. If a phone number is provided in the job posting, you can use that to ask about more details. Otherwise, putting questions in your application email is fine.

Who posts theses jobs?

Primarily agencies. Schools, private tutoring schools(hagwons), and Koreans looking for one on one tutoring contact agencies of some sort to find them an English teacher. These agencies then post on job boards frequented by foreigners(Like Koco Tutor!) and get in contact with English teachers this way. Occasionally hagwons or even Koreans post their jobs on here directly.

Eligible Visa Types

We have a brief guide on which visa are required for which job types here.
Please only engage in work which is legally permitted under the terms of your visa. If you are unsure you can ask the job contact, or ask the Immigration Contact Center(in English or Korean) at 1345.

Reporting Bad Job Postings

If you apply for a job and the job poster says the job is not available, or there you encountered some other issue after emailing the job poster, please let us know at

While it is legal to charge candidates(a one time fee) for job placement in Korea, this does not ever happen in the English teaching industry(yey!). If someone does ask for payment you should not pay and report them to us.